To Really Explain

Mysterious scribbles on envelope and registration checks

I realized I wanted to attend a children’s literature writer’s day.  When I realized this, I also realized (with what felt like a bucket of icewater dumped on my head) that the deadline for registering for the writer’s day was in 2 days. This meant staying up until after midnight for 2 nights (my son rising at 5:30a.m. both of the subsequent mornings), scouring/editing the first 10 pages of my middle-grade novel and editing my synopsis. On the day of the postmark deadline,  I frantically re-read my submission, emailed it to Kinko’s for printing (still no new printer), re-did the envelope and rewrote the registration checks after finding them scribbled on by my son—juggling these submission Musts with fixing breakfast, acknowledging toddler cries of delight over veggie sausage links and scrambled “eggy” and whatever intriguing scenes he was enjoying in his morning movie, “Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs”, cleaning up cat gak and helping my husband locate the shoe polish—in short: I prepared a submission in the midst of normal, chaotic everyday life on little sleep and dubious tasting coffee (will I EVER make the perfect cup?).

I’m tired. But mission accomplished–my first big mission (besides Moth and BB) in over 2 and a half years (see my other blog—or, not). After mailing The Package, I took my son to an indoor playground next door to the post office to celebrate. Except that I forgot the diaper bag back at home and we had to leave the joint, hurry across the way to Whole Foods, purchase super expensive diapers and wipes (because “naturally” costs more), hurry back to the indoor playground, change the boy in the restroom and then, finally, I was able to oblige his anticipation and excitement and turn him loose on the mobbed train tables, slightly scary new-fangled-jungle-gym thingy and poorly lit ball pit. A good day!

It’s now Friday night—again (???)—and my husband and I are attempting movie night—again. We’re planning on (guess!): “Casino Royale”——again. Maybe we’ll make it through the opening action sequence this time. I’m very optimistic.


About PB Rippey

Writer, wife, mother, grateful. Fiction, memoir, poetry, kidlit (MG), member SCBWI.
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