It appears to be Friday–again. I managed to finish this week’s immediate goal, which will ignite a slew of similar goals in upcoming weeks, especially next week, when once again I go on:   r e t r e a t. With. My. Son. The toddler. And my laptop. And the diaper bag (must. not. forget. bag.). We shall leave so that my husband (the paid writer in the family–so far) may work in peace, without being pestered for cookies and kisses (that would be me, pestering). We shall also leave because we love the house we are minding, its fountain and piano and close proximity to parks, botanic gardens and (my favorite–hopefully my son’s favorite, too–so far so good, as his Mama secretly hurtles him toward a future career in the marine sciences) the beach.

I fnished my immediate goal just in time—meaning before toddler bedtime and what is supposed to be movie-date-night with my spouse. We don’t have much luck with our date-nights (see recent previous posts–or, not). However, we perservere. Tonight we will try and make it through “Date Night”. The movie, I mean–and I suppose I also mean our date to watch “Date Night” without falling asleep. We plan on popcorn popped in olive oil. And I plan on eating most of it.

The rest of my world is stimulating the boy by getting him out in nature (reading Last Child In The Woods will make any parent want to shove their kid into the closest forest and scream, PLAY), diaper changes, WTH to fix for meals and editing, editing, editing between Dora, Diego and naps.

Date night was supposed to start 17 minutes ago. Hmmm…

Good night and may your weekend be filled with fortuitous edits.

About PB Rippey

Writer, wife, mother, grateful. Fiction, memoir, poetry, kidlit (MG), member SCBWI.
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1 Response to TGIF?

  1. Popcorn in olive oil? Oh yum.
    Hope everyone stayed awake for the Date Night date night….

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