When You’re Writing…

My official “Trouble” roughhead blenny mascot returns

The good news is, I haven’t been posting because I am going over Trouble Beneath The Waves. I do this while my son eats his meals. I do this when my husband returns from work and takes over the household by walking the dog and toddler. I do this after our son is in bed. I sometimes do this while my son is outside throwing the ball for the dog, or obsessed with his train table, or coloring in a book. Today I was tapping away at my manuscript while my son waited for me to come into his room and nap with him—to clarify, he’d just eaten lunch and decided it was naptime. “In a sec,” I said. “Read a book,” I suggested. “Sing a song and I’ll be in!” 10 minutes later I checked on him and he was snoozing hard (hm–I might be onto something…). And sometimes I’m pouring over Trouble when I should be: Doing everything else, like laundry, or Swiffer-ing the Pergo. What astonishes me is this: Whether it’s 10 minutes of writing/editing, or 2 hours, the time zips by—which must mean I’m doing something I love. So! For the love of yellow roughhead blennies, farewell for now. I cannot lose a minute! I can only lose my—I was going to say mind, but that went years ago, before marriage, much less my wonderful child, so I won’t say anything at all, but simply sign off. Just. Like. This…

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Writer, wife, mother, grateful. Fiction, memoir, poetry, kidlit (MG), member SCBWI. pbwrites.wordpress.com
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1 Response to When You’re Writing…

  1. Yes, it is something you love.
    Let’s hear it for the Roughhead Blenny! (Great band name, BTW)
    Write on PB!

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