Sea World Antidote

All hail the mighty piglet squid!

As our trip to Sea World with my son’s cousins nears, I am compelled to post a school of links that will hopefully offset the ocean of hypocrisy I am thrown into by paying steep ticket prices to view the marine mammal shows and touch sea life that has no business being touched by people in tennis shoes and flip flops. Me, Mrs. Amateur Marine Scientist, so impressed by the ocean (any ocean, anywhere) that it continually appears in her writing (all of her writing, children’s, adult poetry, fiction and otherwise) is hoping the sea gods will forgive her.

The seaworthy links:

  • Sea Shepherd  Yes, it’s pretty gross what’s going on in the Faeroe Islands.
  • NRDC  I always pay attention to what Frances has to say about many environmental issues. She makes it easy to support the causes. She is concise and clear. And she follows up.
  • The Shark Lady  Dr. Eugenie will give you shark empathy and make you demand that the finning stop. A shark fanatic most of her life and with a research center to prove it, she fascinates.
  • Save Japan Dolphins and Ric O’ Barry  Oh, they work so hard! Oh, the dolphins keep dying. Help, help, help.
  • Stark Naked Fish  Our friend the professional underwater photographer’s site. Such lush photography! You will want to grab your gear and dive, baby, dive.
  • Deep Blue Home  Julia’s photos, videos and stories of her ocean adventures.
  • Weird Looking Sea Creatures  Just for fun and because they are so very strange (strangely beautiful).

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Writer, wife, mother, grateful. Fiction, memoir, poetry, kidlit (MG), member SCBWI.
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