Avoiding My Writing

Joseph's Mask

10:04p.m. Have been snuggled in writer’s armchair for 90 odd minutes, laptop on lap and discovered the following: Steve Jobs is dead, there are pictures of the Degeneres/de Rossi BH “lovenest” and you can look at them, The Pioneer Woman is giving away severely patterned blouses from her closet, the heatwave returns this weekend, previews of soon-to-be-released movies are out and I can watch them—ones from previous years, too…Hulu! i.e. an episode of Parenthood, and then let us be disappointed that Terra Nova’s 2nd is such a disaster—why don’t they know never to discuss action that hasn’t actually happened ON STAGE (not even a deus ex machina for compensation) and why is everyone so smug? I would think it would be impossible to be smug when living with human-eating dinos, whether you carry a badge, hold a degree in medicine or are a punk teen (with no acne) intent on rebelling. WTF?

10:41p.m. Googled yoga and ended up on Wikipedia reading about Joseph Merrick, aka The Elephant Man (Dr. Treves called him “John”, no one knows why, or at least not that I’ve discovered so far)…WHERE IS THE CHARDONNAY!

10:43p.m. Poor John/Joseph. It’s even worse than the movie let on.

10:49p.m. David Lynch! How could I have forgotten it was him? Ooo–glass of wine almost didn’t make it back to bookshelf as set it dowon. Down.

11:02p.m. Wait—STEVE JOBS IS DEAD!!!

11:03p.m. Waaa—first John/Joseph Merrick. Now Steve Jobs!!! So young. Not fair. Waaa!

11:21p.m. How much ARE ipads? Will Google Target.

1130p.m. Found chocolate Swiss rolls in the pantry. Consumed before derriere made it back to armchair. Did not mean to rhyme…Oh, Steve.

11:31p.m. Aaaaaand no milk. STeve!

11:52p.m. So—My Left Foot—over 20 years later and I still can’t get through it.

11:54p.m. Where have all the Facebooker’s gone? What is WRONG with people? That’s it. Will post LOL just to spine Zuckerface. Spite.l Wot? IDK. Steve.

11:??p.m. We’re out of popcorn. Shhhhh…Steve. STevE. O steve. And E Man. Crying. Sort of. I have a PC. Shhh…

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3 Responses to Avoiding My Writing

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  2. Beth Hull says:

    Ha! This is funny. How tempting it is to google all the things you were googling. But then I’d never get to sleep tonight, and I’d be a total jerk in the morning. I might be a total jerk anyway, but at least I won’t be able to blame it on the internet, or you.
    My avoiding-writing looks a lot like computer solitaire right now. It isn’t even fun anymore, but for some reason I’m stuck.

    • PB Rippey says:

      You know–perhaps playing Solitaire is giving your subconscious time to rev up. That’s what beachwalks do for me. I think. Just wish I lived closer to the beach……….!

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