Writer’s Day 2011

Giantess on the far right

This photo is from the SCBWI Central-Coastal Writer’s Day 2010, at which I won a Special Mention for my middle grade novel and half off the price of this year’s Writer’s Day, which took place today, all day, and in which much useful information was imparted via industry professionals (both established and new). I was reminded, again, of how important such events are for me. Whether the presentation is from an agent, editor, author outside of my own genre, or an illustrator, the message is ultimately the same (and sometimes the entire topic): Persevere (along with, you know, read everything you can, get your butt in the seat and keep it there no matter the dirty dishes, cat gak or dust bunnies, learn, grow, revise). What did I come away with today in addition to the above (and an agent’s written critique on my first chapter)? The following (thank you, Lin Oliver—she kills me):

I will take many showers*, follow my
weirdness and do the work.

*Showers of course having everything to do with the positive effects of negative ions, which can stimulate creative ideas, which is why I love to beachwalk, but, being ocean-deprived far too much of the time—oh dear. It’s time to stop blogging.

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2 Responses to Writer’s Day 2011

  1. Beth Hull says:

    I second Susan’s comment. I’ve never had one done and have heard different views on their usefulness. That’s not what’s held me back, though. Mostly feelings of inadequacy, fear, and other neuroses.

  2. Susan says:

    Curious to hear about the agents critique… ??

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