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Askew , a poetry journal, accepted a poem of mine for their May issue. It’s nice to have an acceptance so early in the year, providing me with impetus to keep submitting my work even when the day starts at 5:30a.m. and could end at 9:00p.m.—unless I ignore my pillows and cozy bed and write, revise or crawl into huluplus for an hour (a wretched temptation). I’ve read Askew for years and am an admirer of co-editor and poet Marsha de la O. There’s an earthy, mysterious quality to her work that I respond to—and I’m forever interested in the work of Californian poets. Plus, Askew is Ventura based—a local. So grateful when locals accept my work—Chaparral, Solo, Runes (very sad they’re gone now), Santa Barbara Independent. I feel so much more part of a writing community. When I start writing things like, so much more part of I know it’s time to sign off. It’s almost 10p.m. Do you know where your favorite writing chair is? Phoning the corner bar and telling mine to get its indented (and unfortunately patterned) cushions home this instant.

Yours in poetry and nimbly (numbly?) typing fingers,


About PB Rippey

Writer, wife, mother, grateful. Fiction, memoir, poetry, kidlit (MG), member SCBWI. pbwrites.wordpress.com
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4 Responses to Speaking Of Poetry

  1. Beth Hull says:

    Yay, PB! Congratulations! I’m going to pause just a moment to soak up some of that positive vibe……….ahh. So glad you shared this tonight.

  2. Congratulations on your acceptance. Feels good doesn’t it!

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