Kindle Kinks

This is my Kindle, this is my Kindle, I never travel without my Kindle (sung to tune of that one box-obsessed King's ditty in Amahl And The Night Visitors).

Kinks in my brain as I reach for pages to turn, repeatedly startled when THEY’RE JUST NOT THERE. The Content-O-Meter that obediently appears when I tap my finger on the screen does show me how far I’ve progressed in the book—but I miss being able to run my thumb along remaining pages of the masterpiece or fluff I’m reading and feeling satisfied, panicked or devastated by just how much reading is left. I worry about going from staring at a computer screen to staring at a Kindle screen late at night as I cram in minutes of bedtime reading. But I do like not spending as much money on books I have no intention of adding to my personal physical library. And I enjoy watching a movie while I ride the exercise bike…………

I am convinced that Kindles have the power to make readers miss books. Like trying margarine and realizing why you really love butter. Or switching from Crest to Tom’s and hastily switching back again. Or trying kale in your morning smoothie and then omitting it most of the time, not all, but most of the time. I enjoy my Kindle. But perhaps a happy balance between exploding technology and the latest hardcovers can exist. Why not? It’s a magnificent world. Long live Marginalia!

About PB Rippey

Writer, wife, mother, grateful. Fiction, memoir, poetry, kidlit (MG), member SCBWI.
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4 Responses to Kindle Kinks

  1. I agree that balance might be the very thing we need. I certainly relate to your post, because I’m not able to give up on physical books and rely solely on my Kindle.

  2. Beth Hull says:

    Heehee, about the switching from Crest to Tom’s & back again! I’ve done that.
    My Kindle makes me miss physical books, too. What I love it for: reading manuscripts to critique for friends! Speaking of, I’ve got a good one waiting….

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