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Guest blogging for the Muses!

Yesterday, which I thought was Sunday due to the 3 day weekend and synapses firing improperly or not at all after my husband and I watched a late-night Sunday (which I thought was Saturday) Mad Men marathon accompanied by intensely seasoned Chinese food, popcorn, homemade quiche and horchata—because I thought it was Sunday and not Monday, I didn’t realize my guest blog post was up at the YA Muses. You can read my guest blog post by clicking HERE and hopefully you’ll stay and check out the wise tips the Muses have to offer—and there are quite a few. Always. I’m telling you, it’s a wonderful site no matter the genre you’re writing in.

AND, while you’re clicking around, check out Miss MOL’s review(s) of Fifty Shades Of Grey. I titter. And, by the time you’ve clicked over there, hopefully she’ll have some photos up of her recent trip to Santa Rosa Island, CA. Recent meaning yesterday. Pictures for all beach-heads: those obsessed with more-than-relatively-unspoiled islands that do not include residents, food trucks, civilization as we know it (i.e. toilets), or toilets.

Happy writing week! Um, Tuesday on…
P (the heck) B.

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Writer, wife, mother, grateful. Fiction, memoir, poetry, kidlit (MG), member SCBWI.
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