Links Time

Guilt-free links? Um…

It’s been a week of discovering useful blog links. I’ve hopped from link to link and then some, pausing only to drop the boy off at summer camp, pick him up, play Batman & Dinosaurs, fix dinner, twist myself into a yoga pose, etc. I am now going to share the joyous timesuck I’ve experienced, with you.

Beth Hull (who always has her finger on the latest and greatest news and links) popped out of her revision cave to blog briefly (lucky for her readers). Thanks to her I visited:

Pub Rants
And was riveted by a certain post’s topic. If you grab photos for your blog that are not considered Public Domain, read this  at Pub Rants, then whip around and make sure no irate photo owner is biting you in the a**. Ow.

If you’ve been bitten, apply Neosporin (we use it a lot around here)—or, not—and follow these helpful links (from same Pub Rants post) like the happy monkey you know you are:

Creative Commons and find pictures and other content to use sans worry
Wikimedia Commons

Or, as Pub Rants so wisely advises, take your own blog pictures and rant at someone else for making off with them. Or, praise those who make off with your silly, slightly unfocused photos taken by the tiny digital camera you dropped 3 times at the zoo. You know. Whatever rocks your rhino.

As always I am given oodles of helpful information by the YA Muses. Talia Vance had me linking to the ever-prolific and informative:

Alexandra Sokoloff (warning—here you will live for hours—in bliss)
Whatever your writing beef (or lack of) happens to be, Alexandra will help you rediscover your enthusiasm, your vivre, your writer-self capable of using index cards.

YA Muse Victoria Rossi had me linking to:

YA Highway
Okay. WHY have I never visited this site? It could also easily be named Writers’ Highway. I urge you to go and see why.

I must stop now. I could lose myself all month in the above links alone and never get any revising done. Besides, I bought a panini maker and the boy is hungry. Who knew I’d enjoy making paninis so obsessively (um—and so creatively), and I certainly never dreamed my picky eater son would actually love eating paninis (creativity and hidden green ingredients and all).

Happy revising!

Yours in future strawberry, brie & basil paninis (next up on the growing panini recipe list–er, thank you: Pinterest, and all your fabulous stolen photos w/links),


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