The Truth Is…(Maintenance Edition)

The truth is, I’m way too busy to blog—sprawling on the couch eating bonbons takes up a lot of time. And let me make this extremely clear: NOT milk chocolate bonbons with cherries tucked inside them.

Lifted from Candyland

Lifted from Candyland

If I was even busier, I’d be sprawling on the couch eating (dark chocolate) bonbons while watching soap operas—but although we have a television, we do not receive any TV stations, local or otherwise, partly because my portion of the San Fernando Valley is a black hole (one that comes with, fortunately, coconut sprinkled dark chocolate bonbons) and partly because I’m adverse to exposing my Kindergartner to an abundance of commercials, many of which are movie trailers showing people shoving guns at others (etc.) and young girls with substantial rivulets of blood striping their faces (etc.).

Why, Brazilialn bonbons

Brazilian bonbons

I’m pretty sure that for the past 2 weeks I’ve been so busy sprawling on the (quite long, actually) couch and eating (coconut sprinkled, dark chocolate, firm-centered) bonbons that I forgot about the blood drawn from my arms, a couple of shots in the a**, I don’t know how many shots in the left side of my mouth, the parts of my anatomy that were crushed for medical purposes, being probed, poked, fasting, revising-crazy and that I somehow still rode a horse without falling off—ah: dark chocolate, coconut sprinkles and a darker (liquid) chocolate with a lava-like ooze upon biting.

Supernovas, certainly


Sure, there’s always Hulu.

And the Edward P. Jones novel I need to finish.

Paleo recipes to bake, bag, and freeze for the future.


And this: computer on my lap as I sprawl on the extensive couch, the dog uber-close, wetting the Pergo with his snores, a cat on the coffee table, bathing its orangesicle paws, a light rain healing the valley-stuck garden, and me, me, me: revising, revising, revising (not a bonbon in sight) until it’s time to meet the Kindergartner and present him with his daily kale-disguised-by-organic-frozen-blueberries-&-honey smoothie.

If I’m blogging, I’m not revising. I worry! I must progress.

Making memories.

Japanese bonbons

Japanese bonbons

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8 Responses to The Truth Is…(Maintenance Edition)

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  2. A morsel of chocolate, even an imaginary one will keep anything going, especially a blog. 🙂

  3. No cable or satellite tv here either, mostly because I refuse to pay the ridiculous high cost for what little you get. “If I’m blogging, I’m not revising. I worry! I must progress.” I understand.

  4. Beth Hull says:

    Ooh, mouthwatering.

    I actually drafted a “so long & thanks for all the memories, it’s time to quit the blog” post a couple of weeks ago. Then I couldn’t actually post it. I’m not ready to say goodbye, but I think we should offer ourselves the kindness of slacking off or quitting if it feels right.

    • PB Rippey says:

      No, I don’t want to say goodbye, either. Blogging is a good mental exercise for me. I just can’t do as much of it when I’m trying to uber-focus on novels. Some people can. Sometimes I wish I was one of them.

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