Staying The Course

iggySaturday morning I rose when our son (impossible to wake on a school day) woke at 5:30a.m. to begin a weekend of attending birthday parties, completing school projects, and constant verbalized hankering for Minecraft (it was Survivalcraft, until we realized the animals “kill” and, therefore, the player must “kill” the animals in order to survive–wolves, lions, it seemed as if even the donkeys attack?—yes, I discovered the non-violent Survivalcraft playing mode after completing Internet Research For Freaked Out Moms Like Me, but in a city whose buses are currently emblazoned in pictures of Liam Neeson wielding a gun, to which my son responds–as I drive him to Kindergarten–COOL–safe or non-safe Survivalcraft must just, seriously, be banned in our happy home.

dragonsNo, you’re not nuts–I’m still writing within the parentheses: As a kid, I was forbidden to watch The Flintstones, or Scooby Do. My mother despised how the Flintstones yelled at each other. Probably because she and my dad did a good job of that on their own. I don’t know why she objected to Scooby Do, specifically, but all would probably have been well by banning those programs IF we had not lived in England at the time, where The Flintstones was ridiculed,  but Scooby Do was HUUUUGE. And, because Scooby was an American show, I was expected, by my peers, to know what was going on episode to episode. I was trying to make new friends in a foreign country and I was forbidden from watching one of that country’s most popular shows amongst its young…

Still in parentheses and lunging for parallels: My son’s Kindergarten pals rave about Survivalcraft. I am the mom saying, NOOOO MY LITTLE LOVECUP . We become our parents? Although, I was never referred to as LOVECUP by my parents…I want him to know about the games his peers are playing–but he’s only 6. He’s only 6. He’s only 6…)


Books–the ultimate antidote for anything troubling

O Weekend! Your sun shines, your parks and beaches and birthday parties and independent bookstores with gratifying children’s books sections are calling as your device screens are touched—–to black.

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Writer, wife, mother, grateful. Fiction, memoir, poetry, kidlit (MG), member SCBWI.
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6 Responses to Staying The Course

  1. VictoriaJoDean says:

    tough being a mom, right? You’ve made me want to know these children’s book even tho you said nary a word about them. 🙂

  2. Funny, I was trying to type out a response to this post on my tablet when it kept wigging out on me, at the same time I got your comment on “Funeral Blues.” I think I want to pack up the technology and dismantle the circuits!

    Anyway, I wanted to say that this may have been the first time I’ve read a parenthetical statement that spanned three paragraphs. I think perhaps only Tolkien or Terry Pratchet could have done it so well. Dang, I’m impressed! 🙂

    • PB Rippey says:

      Thank you, David. I know what you mean about the dismantling business. I just got a Lenovo laptop–so great in so many ways with the touch screen and all, and maddening when it refuses to read my wireless printer after reading my wireless printer, then cuts me off from email when I HAVE NOT TOUCHED THE SCREEN. Oh dear. I guess my frustration is why I loved the novel, “Where’d You Go Bernadette”, by Maria Semple–so far still to go when it comes to the commercial aspect of computer tech vs. what really happens when it’s just the you and the screen.

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