Article At ‘Through The Tollbooth’!!!

My mentor. Absolute diamond herself.

My mentor. Absolute diamond herself.

My writing mentor, Kathryn Fitzmaurice, was interviewed by Catherine Linka (I’ve heard Catherine speak at SCBWI events–she is positively famous in our SCBWI Los Angeles circles) over at Through The Tollbooth. The interview is about Kathryn’s mentoring experience–er, of me! I read with my heart in my throat, and afterwards found a box of tissues. And now I am getting to work with gusto as I told Kathryn I would be sending her the revised first half of my novel along with (drumroll) the newly revised 2nd half, all the way to The End.

Check out the article! Check out Kathryn’s blog, A Twisted Clump of Seaweed.

Just one of Kathryn's many diamonds.

Just one of Kathryn’s many diamonds.

Read her multiple award winning books. If, like me, you are deep in the throes of creating and/or revising your middle grade novel, you’ll be so glad you’ve read Kathryn’s books. Every. Single. One.

And if you, too, think it’s high time you had a mentor, check out the SCBWI/California North Central site and read up.

Right–get to work!

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  2. Miss B. says:

    That is so awesome!! Wow!

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