Enthusiastic tidepooling in Spring.

Enthusiastic tidepooling in Spring.

What I love about Spring Break? For a week I am Fun Mama–instead of: get dressed, brush your teeth, grab your Spidey hoodie, let’s go, go, go, homework, karate, shower time!, etc. It’s nice to be all: Ooooh—let’s scooter around the park and hit Panera for lunch. Or: let’s go  tidepooling, then Jacuzzi at Aunt Jen’s! And such. For a week. Truly.

Spring Break ends and I have assignments and goals and my son has school and my husband has assignments and goals that are so intense he talks to me like this: I do not want, what I mean is, what I want, however, when so and so, what I mean is, what I want, yet when that dang idi–er, person, but what I really mean is, we are going here, here and here and that’s final, but nothing is ever final, but anything is infinitely possible and arrgh-

Which is when I hand my husband a veggie BLT on Ezekiel bread with ‘organic’ pretzels and a hard boiled egg tucked into an environmentally friendly stainless steel bento box and urge him to ‘go get ’em’ and he does and we have so much history here, now, in our hot, vast valley, as parents–new jobs, nighttime writers, learning so much about being upfront and personal with ourselves, with ourselves as parents. We learn so much these days that life doesn’t cease to be interesting—or maybe life is interesting because (right before we met each other) we never thought we’d be married, much less married for almost 9 years, and parents. O my old Gypsy Life! How I do not miss you.

Yours in naps and further revision of all that is important, yours in little boy lunches and making pancakes on weekday mornings,


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Writer, wife, mother, grateful. Fiction, memoir, poetry, kidlit (MG), member SCBWI.
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2 Responses to Breaks

  1. I agree completely about spring break. It is such a treat to be able to take it easy in the mornings and have some unstructured time with the kids!

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