The New Living

I didn’t blog at all in March. Instead, I read blogs:
Claire, Word By Word
The Bloggess

The Slowdown with Tracy K. Smith (as you already know, you can subscribe to receive a poem a day)

Love Warrior, Glennon Doyle (I’m always late to the party)
This is the Story of a Happy Marriage, Ann Patchett
The Wonder of Boys, Michael Gurian (aways late to the…)
The Good Son, Michael Gurian

I’ve posted on Instagram, especially since figuring out the Story feature:

SCBWI is airing author or agent or editor sessions:

I help my son with his new distance learning schedule–I help him by staying downstairs with him as he works on his computer at the dining room table, just present in case he needs help, or just to let him know he’s quarantining, but not alone. I play the piano maybe, cook, read (I like it when he sees Mom reading–hope my enjoyment of books rubs off on him more than it has to date). His dad and I try not to check our phones when around our son. We try to present other options to social media, like: having a conversation about how not to freak out about  the virus, or the pros and cons of adopting a great dane, for instance. Family dinner is every night now. We walk the dogs, fortunate to live in an area conducive to social distancing when out of the house and on foot. We see very few people, but when spying approaching figures, either we cross the street, or they do, with a friendly wave, freeing up the sidewalk.

I’ve driven my car once in 3 weeks, to Whole Foods. I wore a mask and rubber gloves. I stripped off the gloves after loading groceries into the car, tossed them in the recycling bin inside WF. IMG_0704

Well, we do what we can.

Most of all, we are getting to know each other again on a level deeper than DO THIS DO THAT WE’RE LATE EAT EAT EAT EAT TIME FOR BED

I am grateful for this reconnection and I am so, so open to it, excited, even, for the delving chats and laughs and listening to our son speak his mind and eventually, especially during our dinners, his Tween feelings.

Precious stuff.

Yours in health,






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4 Responses to The New Living

  1. Susan B. says:

    Adopting a Great Dane???? Would do tin heartbeat – such lovely animals. But their lives are so short – not sure I could handle it.

  2. Jen Plana says:

    Precious indeed! Lovely post!

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  3. It is such a precious time, especially when we go right into it and silence the noise. I’ve been avoiding anything electronic in the mornings, it’s blissful.
    Thank you for reading my chatter. 🌸

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