Learning In The Time Of Covid (Coursera Wesleyan U edition)

My book-recs arrive from: author-friends; writers I heart on social media; my 3 sisters/avid-readers; always Claire’s recs on WORD BY WORD. Thank you, Claire. You suggest so many writing worlds that shouldn’t, ever, be missed.

In this basically word-of-mouth vein, I learned of Wesleyan University’s Coursera. You can enroll in courses free for 7 days, after that you are charged $49/month and may unsubscribe at any time.

I enrolled in a creative writing course taught by Amity Gaige.

And now I have a writing assignment due–shortly.

So Amity Gaige is a writer who also happens to be an excellent teacher. This is apparent in the first minutes of her course. She is well-spoken, clear, a confident speaker, interested in her subject and interesting to listen to. We are lucky to have her as a teacher, you and I. Especially when that teacher has you reading DH Lawrence for an assignment.

When was the last time you read DH Lawrence? It’s been quite a while for me and I appreciated every second of ‘Odour Of Chrysanthemums’. I don’t remember ever reading it in college. Such a pleasure to savor and ruminate on a short story masterpiece.

A book rec from me: ‘Sea Wife’, by Amity Gaige. Pretty much all of my booky friends and definitely my sisters and my 2 soul sisters have read or are reading. My husband also read it and we’ve had some great discussions about the married main characters. Don’t miss it.

Yours in positive recs,


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1 Response to Learning In The Time Of Covid (Coursera Wesleyan U edition)

  1. Thank you kindly for the mention most loyal follower. 🙏 And for the book recommendation. All the best with your writing, glad to hear you’ve found a new source of inspiration/motivation. We always benefit from that, thank you for sharing it.

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