December Writing Challenge

Puppy’s new fav spot

Each December agent Nephele Tempest reminds writers about her month-long writing challenge. Write. Every. Day. Even Christmas Day. Carve/axe/cement-drill writing time for yourself, even if only 10 little minutes. I’m in. Adding reading to the challenge–the tower of books on my nightstand threatening to topple, especially since I’m about to add Louise Penny’s latest Gamache mystery. Nanowrimo was a complete bust for me this year due to sooooooo many real-life surprises, so this writing challenge couldn’t come at a better time.

Yours in breezing–sledding?–through challenges this December (Christmas shopping is done, hallelujah!),


About PB Rippey

Writer, wife, mother, grateful. Fiction, memoir, poetry, kidlit (MG), member SCBWI.
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    Love that photo!

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