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Writing During The Holidays

My laptop sits on the kitchen counter as I cook. Right hand stirring the dumpling mixture, my left hand’s floury fingers type (not skillfully), Have you a mind to sink, the woman weeps to those gathered in the room, to … Continue reading

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Ocean Magic

If, like me, you are mad about the ocean and all manner of marine life,  like googly transparent things with 10 stomachs that live at extreme depths and if you, too, receive the Holy Viperfishes, Batgirl! reaction when viewing a 35 … Continue reading

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Poet Distracted By Whales

Had to take a break from editing Trouble. Did so by editing a new poem. It’s almost 9p.m. My spouse has once again passed out with the toddler when putting him to bed. There is nothing to distract me from editing … Continue reading

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