Adventures in Equality (Facebook Edition)

equal heart

My friend, who changed her FB profile picture earlier in the week like so many of us, posted: same-sex marriage doesn’t hurt YOU.

And an FB Friend of hers went wild, responding: “They” should settle for civil unions! I have no choice but to say this because God invented marriage and He specifically said Man and Woman. “They” (my friend’s Friend insisted) should be happy with civil unions. God did not intend for “them” to be married! It’s unnatural.

And my friend (she’s wicked smart) suggested: Let’s agree to disagree.

And her Friend responded: God says 1 man and 1 woman equal marriage. You can reinvent God if you want to, but you are promoting polygamy because THAT’S WHERE YOU ARE HEADED IN THIS ARGUMENT AND (my friend’s Friend added) I respect your opinion so all I ask is that you respect mine.

And my friend wrote: Let’s agree to disagree.

And so my friend’s Friend’s husband jumped in the thread. And he was all: this is not about equal marriage rights, if it was, “they” would settle for civil unions. This is about “their forces” pursuing an agenda of changing textbooks in the schools to promote homosexuality. And (my friend’s Friend’s husband insisted): I love everyone, you KNOW me. But “they” or “anyone” who “feels like they might be homosexual” can’t be allowed to change the textbooks.

And finally I was all: Whaaaaaa? Dude. Seriously. No. Where’s that love again?

And my friend’s Friend’s husband (who prefaced his original comment by writing: this will be my only comment) commented: PB RIPPLLEY, when you are ready to be rational instead of emotional, I will engage in this discussion. But since I am deleting my Facebook account tomorrow morning, this will not be happening!

And then my friend’s Friend’s husband posted a link about the threat of  “them” promoting homosexuality in school textbooks.

And I was all: Duuuuuuuude–go in peace, man.

And I added (because I am a cruel, heartless heathen): hee hee

And then there was silence.

And I phoned my friend.

And we were all: sigh

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10 Responses to Adventures in Equality (Facebook Edition)

  1. Oh, PB, this made me so happy to read. I want to leave my comment at that, but it’s funny that today I witnessed a similar discussion on a friend’s facebook thread. My friend was being very polite, and even the other side chose for once not to use all caps. Somehow this appearance of calm logic seemed all the more insidious, because it expected to be taken seriously. Though textbooks and diabolical plans were not mentioned, the discussion was even more dangerous because of a similar push for people like me to settle for civil unions. As an aside, I must say that my union with Brian is more civil than some marriages I’ve known.

    Anyway, I have been trying to not get involved in disagreements timelines other than my own, but I had to say this, after that “civil” push and the oft repeated but never supported line about how “God has already defined marriage.” So I said this:

    “Mr. Schirmer (nope, not changing the name), without quoting the age old “God made Adam and Steve, not Adam and Eve,” please if you would, quote for me the chapter and verse in which GOD actually said, “Here is the definition of marriage:” The problem with equality in the issues rather than equality in marriage is that what you are proposing is an old idea that never did work. Separate but not was a failure. It’s like saying, black men cannot drink from our water fountains, but we will gladly allow them to drink from equally clean fountains of their own. It’s still discrimination, and it’s still wrong.”

    • Wow, pardon my ridiculous typos.

    • PB Rippey says:

      David, thanks so much for your comment, I’m so glad you wrote the above! Facebook was abhorrent last week. Far too many comments made about “they” and “them” and what “they” should settle for (prefaced, usually, with: “I love everyone, but—“). As soon as I read a point of view utilizing “they” and “them”, my brain starts flatlining. Come on! “They” and “them” teach my kid at school, are my friends, neighbors, are parents I admire, I insist on Facebook. Hello??? “It’s still discrimination and it’s still wrong”. ABSOLUTELY (my caps contribution!)

  2. Beth Hull says:

    Sigh is right. 😦

  3. Miss B. says:

    Jesus. Why the dude so angry and threatened? My married gay friends just want to be able to visit their sick spouses in the hospital, get a $15k tax break (for last year) after being together for 16 years and married for 8. I have yet to hear about them wanting changing textbooks to suit their diabolical homosexual plan. I’m always interested when people quote the bible as the final word on this issue. My response to them is “The bible says a lot of things. Why are you choosing this one in particular to make a stance on? Do you follow EVERY last thing the bible says? No, I didn’t think so.” Let’s move on.

    • PB Rippey says:

      I wish I’d been as eloquent as you, Miss B. He changed the whole issue of marriage equality into something that suited his need to rant. So unfortunate.

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