NaMeSiDifStarDaiWri%#*Po Week (Partial Week Edition)

A Starbucks in Seoul, Korea

A Starbucks in Seoul, Korea

Next week (because my son resumes PreK after a 2 week spring break) is National PB Sit in a Different Starbucks Daily and Write a (insert expletive) Poem Week. Well, at least monday through thursday. Actually not tuesday because that’s when I try to stay seated on a giant horse for 30 minutes while it cavorts around a ring and after that my thighs burn and wobble and I attempt to get prone as quickly as possible until it’s time to pick up my son. And probably not thursday, either, for the same reason. And definitely not friday because my son engages in Adventure Friday with Mama (nature walks, the study of caged animals and dino bones, etc). But Monday? Wednesday? Absolutely. I happen to be surrounded by a gazzilion Starbucks from Chatsworth to Tarzana. “Take advantage,” my husband suggested. “Get away from your–er, office–and see what happens writing-wise.” Because lately, as I work in my bedroom office, I’m distracted by everything from house finch chatter to listening for the UPS truck to the giant Baby Huey kitten asleep at my feet to the lovely colorful swirly images filling the Cavalia calendar on my wall to the arching, cat-chewed fake orchid on the loooooong dresser, to social media to anything but the words circling endlessly in my head, waiting (for how long?) for me to bring them on home.

Why Starbucks?

A Starbucks that used to live in the Forbidden City.

A Starbucks that used to live in the Forbidden City, Beijing, China.

Because I know I’ll go because I love their coffees and they’re not far away, like the botanical gardens, zoo, Huntington Library, the rose garden at Exposition Park, any sort of inspiring writing spot I can think of. Ha ha! I’m getting OUT. Starbucks, you hopefully clean and tidy and patio-bearing venue! Here I come.

Let NaMeSiDifStarDaiWri%#*Po Week commence! Next week, that is. Monday. And wednesday. And maybe friday if the little guy ends up having a playdate. But definitely monday. Just me, my iphone (muted) and my awkardly large black journal. And a pen. Clicker-type. With a big fat stem.

Yours in salted caramel frappucinos and fresh poetry,


Balinese Starbucks

Balinese Starbucks

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14 Responses to NaMeSiDifStarDaiWri%#*Po Week (Partial Week Edition)

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  4. Starbucks has come to Marseilles but not my town, but there are encouraging signs, someone has finally opened a cafe that actually sells milky takeaway coffee, something I never ever see here. It’s a sign that some of France’s youth are returning from their overseas travels and bringing their learnings and yearnings with them. 🙂

    • PB Rippey says:

      Claire–I would stick with local if there were any mom and pop coffee shops around here. Perhaps I should open one. PB Bucks. Milky takeaway coffee–sounds divine! Especially if it’s French. Enjoyng your book reviews, BTW.

      • And what’s even more unusual and great for my early morning visits, when the words aren’t stringing themselves together eloquently enough to be understood, is the lovely young man in his new cafe named “Coffee to Go” can speak in English! I did tell him I can speak French, but hey it’s early in the morning and it was such a surprise to see a cafe serving a Flat White!

        PB Bucks sounds a cafe I’d frequent, I can already tell its writer friendly and doesn’t discriminate, all flavours welcome. 🙂 Thks, glad you’re enjoying the reviews.

  5. Oh, I adore the salted caramel. . . sigh. This is a good idea. I love that we each have our own brand of Na. . . Po. . . er, somethings. I’m glad for National Poetry Month and the Academy who started it, if for no other reason than for the sheer enjoyment of the stuff we really love.

  6. Beth Hull says:

    I love that – daily, & then Monday, Wednesday, & possibly Friday. 🙂 How most of my resolutions end up. Because LIFE HAPPENS, you know? Anyway, I hope you have a blast & get the best frilly drinks ever.

  7. Marieke says:

    Starbucks is the excellent spot to be inspired and write!! Especially the one on Bali seems especially perfect. Meet there? 10am? Awesome!! ’till then 🙂

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