scbwiwinI won runner-up (there were only two of us who won in the Middle Grade category). SCBWI-LA Writer’s Day, Skirball Cultural Center . I pitched an agent, connected with a dream agent, dashed around assisting the totally-on-it RA’s, made new writer friends–and it was rainy outside, an absolute bonus: The Skirball looks as lovely in rain and mist as when the sun is shining. Over 200 writers attended! If you’d like to read about the Day, go here: I can’t recommend it enough. The lineup was exceptional. I was so anticipating Gary D. Schmidt’s keynote, as I said in my last post. His talk was filled with advice on being there for children and what ‘being there’ means beyond the printed page. Gary D Schmidt is timeless. Listen, when we meet for tea and scrumptious finger sandwiches? I’ll tell you all about the grounded GDS talk. As long as clotted cream is served with the scones and little cakes comprising dessert.

This is the weird part–if we were having tea right now, I’d pause to refill my china cup  and say: I’m having an exceptionally good time writing AND revising this novel. My first novel felt like ripping my hair out as I carried on writing. Not the case now. Is experience kicking in, at last? Well–I’ll give myself some credit for research, reading, and years of consistently writing. And I’ll just plain go with it.

Because shouldn’t half the fun, if not ALL the fun, be in the process? As you create via a medium you love?

I’m the lady on the far-right, by the way. I was handed my certificate, experienced a coughing fit, fled the auditorium in search of water and returned just in time for the photo.

Yours in positive writing vibes only,


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Writer, wife, mother, grateful. Fiction, memoir, poetry, kidlit (MG), member SCBWI.
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    This is great, Pam!

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