This Happened (Dolphin Edition)


Searching for sealife.

The last day of my son’s Spring Break, I took him whale watching. The only thing missing from this cloudy + exceptional day was my husband, who had to work, but he was adamant that my son and I get on that boat and have an adventure.

So we did.

Everything-ocean has everything to do with the novel I’m finishing up. To be on a 36ft  Boston Whaler with family and see spouting whales,  to be surrounded by hundreds of common dolphins (nothing common about them, pure magic!), animals so close to us they splashed our faces as they leapt from the water, riding the bow? A lovely way to end Spring Break and great research material for my novel.


We could have touched this dolphin. That close.

My son and I shared video and pictures with The Dadda that evening, after a grueling return from Newport Beach on the 405 Freeway. But–although the drive home was slow, I didn’t mind the delay, not really. Because, like so much else it fixes, the ocean fixes freeway gridlock. Especially if you’re fresh off of a whale watching trip.


Leading the way.

His dinner devoured, in his PJ’s, ready for bed and the beginning of his last few months of 4th grade–our son announced he might have a 7 page Oregon Trail project due the next day at school.



Buoy snoozers.

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