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April: Poetry Month

Repair—Dorianne Laux After you fix the broken picture framewith wood staples and wire, take the glassrectangle to the kitchen and turn on the tap,hold it beneath and watch the water slide downthrough the dust.  Balance that expanseon the divider between … Continue reading

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Poem for the Last Day of April

And just like that, poetry month is at an end, but Tracy K. Smith will still send us a poem each weekday via The Slowdown, or we can visit the site and listen to her read and perhaps we’ll springboard into: … Continue reading

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April Is Poetry Month (As If You Didn’t Know)

  At the recent SCBWI Writers & Illustrators Day (see my SCBWI piece),  editor Pam Gruber had her workshop attendees write down a bit of world building. In honor of all those writing a poem a day this month (I am … Continue reading

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NaMeSiDifStarDaiWri%#*Po Week (Partial Week Edition)

Next week (because my son resumes PreK after a 2 week spring break) is National PB Sit in a Different Starbucks Daily and Write a (insert expletive) Poem Week. Well, at least monday through thursday. Actually not tuesday because that’s when I … Continue reading

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